Pasar Induk  Kramat Jati  and also Place Selling Fruit, vegetables and Spices by the Parent Market area 15 hectares, where 5000 business places, including the 76 agro K5 outlets and the number of traders in each pillar there are 2 (two) feet five traders , 1st Agribusiness Exhibition Hall, Main Market Largest in Southeast Asia. The number of acquisitions over 2000 places of business owners. Fruits commodity Type 31 Type, 30 Type Mayur Vegetables, Spices 10 Type. Average supply of 1000 tons per day of fruits, vegetables, 2000 tons, 200 tons and Spice Misc 300 tons. The average supply of the Region, a local 90%, 10% Imported Citrus Fruit Types of State of China, Apples from Australia, New Zealand, Sayur Mayur types Garlic Vegetables (garlic) from China, India Onion from the state., Distribution in JakartaDki 65%, 20% Botabek, Restorants 6%, and Others 4%, 5% Export, Transport Vehicles for goods transport as many as 1,000 units per day, and duration of activity 24 hours each day, on the morning activities of a busy fruit, in the afternoons and evenings vegetables each day, Total Trash Mt3 300 each day, visitors per day Market 10,000 people, public facilities there are mosques, public toilet rooms. and vehicle parking and unloading facilities for public banks, Restorants, Traveling, Cargo, Rent car / day, If you need detailed information Contact direct (Dont Sms) Samosir GPH +622194419490 Next on.