Commodity Price Behavior Toward the Day of Fasting Month

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Commodity Price Behavior Toward the Day of Fasting Month Ahead
1.  Factors Natural Change / Climate / Weather
2.  Failed Harvest Supply Changes factor. 
3.  Factors Cultural Traditions The Merchant  stag Situation
4.  Factor Change Government Control Center Authority Limited, compared to the Local Government
Coping Actions Increase Prices are out of control with the coordination between Instansi2
1. Need information widely Change Weather / Climate of Contracting Agency Metrology / BMG
2. Regional Map Information Need Failed / Successful Harvest and address of the Parties of Agriculture
3. Central Government control problems Full Price - The price of vegetables and Fruit
Early Months June 2010
The fact Price is currently out of control especially Red Chili, Red Onion, Potato Dieng

Reality Cabbage Vegetable Prices began to fall only a few days.